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in 1993,. >>> cia foiled a plot to blow up a plane bound for the united states. they plannedthey -- coming up, just how close that bomb plot was close to being carried out. the jury in the he had whip ramos trial will start another day of deliberations. they meet at 930. the jury shot and killed all anthony ball loan in after mistaking them for -- tony balogna and his sons michael and matthew bologna after mistaking them for rival gang members. >>> the santa clara county sheriff's department says the red car was seen near sierra lemar's home the day she disappeared. that car was see in areas where sierra lemar's belongings were found. >> i am asking the public if they have any recollection of seeing this vehicle and it is not your everyday description as far as jettas, it is red and it has a black head. >> crime reports ruled out any links for handcuffs found near sierra lemar's home. volunteers will conduct another search and the sheriff's dive team will conduct more dives at the reservoir this week. >>> good morning to you dave, pam, traffic looks good on 8el 80 westbound and people are
some things going on and we hope he is the next president of the united states. >> he has good business since and he is fiscally responsible and i am not putting down our current president but i think he loves the country. >> and others are claiming support for president barack obama. president barack obama called mitt romney for winning enough delegates to clinch the republican delegation. he told mitt romney he looks forward to a healthy debate about the nation's future and they say the phone call was brief and cordial. >>> there is a sig alert down in sunny veil and there are a lot of other things to tell you about. >> that's right, northbound 85 is still there and flipped over and they will have to right the truck before they reopen that ramp and a reporter on the scene told us chp said it will be until 7:00 and this is right on the borderline between supplement supplement and -- cupertino and sunny veil. if you are driving there, that is what the ramp does. you will need a different route if you want to give yourself a little extra time. also the morning commute looks good on 880
fundraiser in our area. >> i am running for president of the united states... >> people demonstrated outside the foxwoods in red wood city. >> we need four more years. >> what is being seen is not what we desire for ourselves and our children. >> he will meet with a few people there at the round table and he is scheduled to depart at 10:00 a.m. >>> president an apparent drunk driving crashed along the motor cade root. when he got to the intersection, the car hit the divide and knocked out the intersection light. the cars jumped the sidewalk in front of the pacific inn. moments later, the president's motorcade passed by. >> angela will be seen in a san jose courtroom, tell us about the maim challenges. >> reporter: well antolin garcia-torres sits in a jail at the main cell and he will not have any time outside before he appears in court this afternoon. the 21-year-old murder suspect will be walked in an underground tunnel that links to the courthouse. he faces one count of murder and one count of kidnapping sierra lemar. this is the first time we are getting a look at him since monday night.
. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what the united states is getting for releasing the insurgent fighters. >> reporter: tries to negotiate with the taliban and local insurgent groups in afghanistan. the washington post reports the strategic release program has served as a live diplomatic channel to bring peace in violent provinces. it's uncrease how many have been released under the program. it reportedly happens very rarely. california senator dianne feinstein says backing afghanistan doesn't believe it's working. >> president karzai says taliban will come back. i'm not so sure. >> reporter: in order to be released they have to renounce violence. i will show you what happens to those that are caught back in the fight during my next update in about an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. >>> blind chinese activist says he is confident that china will hold up its end of the deal to let him study in the u.s.. he is still in the hospital in beijing recovering from a fracture in his foot. he has an invitation to attend new york university. he asked the hospita
and no word on whether the united states is behind the attack. they resumed cooperation to fight al qaeda which has captured territory during political unrest. >>> federal authorities want to know who leaked about what that airline -- about that airline and would be suicide was working with the cia and helped to thwart the attack. one lawmaker said it disrupted a sensitive ongoing sensitive operation. >>> time now, we are taking a closer look at president barack obama's change of heart about same sex marriage and the political impact. allison burns in our washington d.c. newsroom on how the obama campaign is promoting the president's decision, allison? >> reporter: dave, they seem to think this issue is a winner and they tweeted out the word history last night and when you click on the image it is president barack obama's quote about same sex marriage. at the same time republicans say it had help mitt romney with social conservatives. >> the president i think has handed to mitt romney the one missing piece and that's the intensity and most evacuation that mitt romney needs among social co
about once a month. >>> 5:24. the united states football league you remember that it's making a come back. oakland raider is one of the advisors for the reborn usfl. it went out of business in 1987. the new usfl plays between march and june with eight teams. portland, oregon, salt like city, utah, and memphis, tennessee are some of the cities being considered. >>> the amgen tour begins this weekend. stage one begins on sunday in santa rosa. now stage three starts tuesday in san jose and for the first time in the history of this race riders will climb mt. diablo. drivers are to expect delays for two hours. nearly 300 workers signed up but they need about 50 more. if you want to volunteer go to the west america bank building. >>> time is 5:26. very tense friday morning on wall street. that is after really bad news from a major bank. >> uc berkeley has filed a lawsuit. uc police are inside this protest site but occupy the farm protestors say they are not going anywhere. >> also we have developing news. this is coming in from oakland. two children among the four victims of a hit and run
's biggest corporate take over in the united states yet and creates the world biggest operating theater. >> it can fight the battle that we never could. >> the super heros of the avengers. the disney movie took in another $55 million that is more than double the second place movie based on the board game and starring lium and rihanna. >>> time 5:52. drivers of police will be watching you closer today. how a car safety campaign is going national and what you are being told to do. >> why plans to relocate a famous battleship are going nowhere at least for now. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:55. the historic u.s.s. iowa will be in the bay area a little longer. a storm brewing off the coast prompted the delay in the trip. the world war ii battleship is going to los angeles to become a floating museum. >>> tour of california is in the books and robert gesink is the winner. peter of slovakia won the stage. he did win of the five tours eight stages but the individual time trial did him in if quite a dome back for gesink who broke his leg just eight months ago.
romney on friday at the state republican convention in georgia. that is newt gingrich's home state where he won a primary and the former house speaker said the important thing is for republicans to unite to defeat president barack obama. he ended his open bid earlier this month. he will speak to people there and he presented the president with a medal of distinction at the ceremony and later president barack obama will attend a fundraiser with gay and latino voters. >>> and they are expecting to talk about how oakland schools are performing. they will be joining them at a breakfast and going going before leaders at a -- and they will be going before business leaders to talk about how they can improve schools and the children. they will talk about the education cabinet. it was formed a year ago to better improve graduation --ed from situation right. >> they say it is rattle snake cease on. yesterday a 29-year-old man was bitten by a baby snake. people at the park say it is all about watching out for yourself and your pets. >> if you just look ahead and you see something crawling, you just
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8